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  Find a MAT Trainer Near You  
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Search for an approved trainer by city/county or by name:

(Note: MAT trainers are not employees of the Virginia Department of Social Services. You must contact the trainer of your choice directly.)

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  Anderson, Vicky C   Primary:540-885-4510
  Primary: vicky.anderson.va@gmail.com   MAT: $ 95-120.00

  EMAT: $ 50-60.00

  MAT IS: $ 75.00

  MAT Renewal: $ 50.00
  Bailey, Elizabeth D   Primary:540-290-7650
  Primary: EBailey@humankind.org   MAT: $ 95
  Baker, Antoinette M   Primary:434-394-2159
  Primary: antoinettebkr@yahoo.com
  Secondary: abaker@hopecsva.org
  MAT: $ 100
  Blanton, Elizabeth G   Primary:804-539-4217
  Primary: egblanton@gmail.com
  Secondary: eblanton@st.catherines.org
  Boltwood, Mary Bell   Primary:276-628-8384
  Primary: your.mat.trainer@gmail.com   MAT: $ 100

  EMAT: $ 40

  MAT IS: $ 75

  MAT Renewal: $ 50
  Boone, Audra B   Primary:740-706-1267
  Primary: ab.boone@yahoo.com   MAT: $ 90-120

  EMAT: $ 50-75

  MAT IS: $ 75-100

  MAT Renewal: $ 75
  Brown, Donna J.   Primary:540-483-3135
  Primary: ddbrown100@embarqmail.com  
  Brown, Shannon Y   Primary:804-246-1146
  Primary: we.r.great.llc@gmail.com
  Secondary: sbrown.brown76@gmail.com
  MAT: $ 115

  EMAT: $ 55

  MAT IS: $ 85
  Bumgarner, Brittany W   Primary:804-580-0041
  Primary: bwbumgarner713@gmail.com
  Secondary: bbumgarner@smsapps.org
  MAT: $ 100-125

  EMAT: $ 50-75

  MAT IS: $ 75-90

  MAT Renewal: $ 50-75
  Buonomo, Arlene   Primary:757-236-1209   Primary: abresources4edu@gmail.com   MAT: $ 150

  MAT IS: $ 100

  MAT Renewal: $ 60

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