Medication Adminstration Training Program

A Program of the Virginia Department of Education, administered by Medical Home Plus.

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  Find a MAT Trainer Near You  
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Search for an approved trainer by city/county or by name:

(Note: MAT trainers are not employees of the Virginia Department of Education. You must contact the trainer of your choice directly.)

MAT Diabetes Trainers: Central Region- Angela Bishop, Lori Criswell, Jill Gallier-Durand Eastern Region- Rachel Davis, Katie Humphrey Northern Region- Christine Carlock, Grace Cole-Alston, Amber Dise, Alexandra Irizarry, Donna Slye, Regina Watson Southwest Region- Brian Benson, Mary Davis, Teresa Hughes, Margaret Perkins

MAT Epilepsy Trainers: Central Region- Lori Criswell Eastern Region- Katie Humphrey Northern Region- Donna Slye Southwest Region- Mary Davis

PLEASE NOTE - The name of the former EMAT course has changed to AMAT, and the name of the former MAT Renewal course has changed to MAT First Renewal

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Search Results:

(per person)
  Campbell, Jennifer   Primary:434-603-1430

  MAT IS: $ 100-125
  Cantrell, Regina H   Primary:276-679-0514
  Secondary: 276-679-0514 ext. 108
  MAT: $ 150

  MAT IS: $ 125

  MAT Renewal: $ 100
  Carlock, Christine L   Primary:703-402-5011

  EMAT: $ 90-120

  MAT IS: $ 110-160

  MAT Renewal: $ 110-160
  Cesvette, Dianne E   Primary:757-405-8498
  Primary:   MAT: $ $125

  EMAT: $ $65

  MAT IS: $ $75
  Coggins, Teresa G   Primary:804-514-1190   Primary:   MAT: $ 125

  EMAT: $ 80

  MAT IS: $ 100

  MAT Renewal: $ 80
  Colantoni, Anthony   Primary:540-924-0880
  Primary:   MAT: $ 95-110

  EMAT: $ 65

  MAT IS: $ 85

  MAT Renewal: $ 55
  Cole-Alston, Grace C   Primary:703-757-0123

  EMAT: $ 85

  MAT IS: $ 100

  MAT Renewal: $ 100
  Coleman, Parnell   Primary:703-899-8755   Primary:   MAT: $ 100-150

  EMAT: $ 100-150

  MAT IS: $ 65

  MAT Renewal: $ 65
  Corbett, Mary Lynn   Primary:804-744-4947
  MAT: $ 100-125

  EMAT: $ 50-75

  MAT IS: $ 75-100

  MAT Renewal: $ 75
  Cowans, CeCe H   Primary:804-519-8882
  Primary:   MAT: $ 100

  EMAT: $ 25

  MAT IS: $ 75

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